Welcome to My Saddle Fund

….This site is dedicated to Tipuana Amber…..

Welcome to My Saddle Fund…

The object of this site to highlight the story of my filly Amber (Full name Tipuana Amber) and to raise funds for her for a saddle once she is fully grown and ready to be ridden competitively.

My name is Megan and I love horses 🙂 It has been a dream of mine to own my very own horse and this dream has finally come true!

With owning a horse comes a lot of responsibilities… Food.. Stabling.. Excercise.. Love and Carrots..

When she is old enough for me to start breaking her in, she will need a saddle.. This is an expensive exercise.. which is one of the reasons for this site..

I am hoping to encourage friends and family and eveyone who knows me to help me achieve this goal in their own small way..

For any birthday present or Christmas or just for an any time present I would appreciate it if you could make a deposit into My Saddle Fund savings account with your name as a reference so I can make a personal thank you to you 🙂

This bank account has been set up specifically for this purpose and will not be touched until I am able to buy a saddle for Amber when she has stopped growing..

Standard Bank
Savings Account
Account Number: 01 485 168 7
Branch: Hatfield
Code: 011545

There are also a number of people to thank for me being where I am today in terms on my riding and with regards to owning my own horse finally.. Details coming soon…

Amber is my first ever fully owned by me horse and thus she will always be special to me… This site is dedicated to her…

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