Wishlist – Update October 2014

So this is an update on my wishlist post from June 2014

Done and Dusted:

  • ADSL line at home – Afrihost is managing our 4MB line at home – there was an issue of double line rental but that seems to have been resolved.
  • New cellphone = done
  • New watch – done

Working On:

  • Holidays – got to go on a weekend away to Mabalingwe recently which was amazing! Need more of these in the future definitely!!
  • Paying off my car – I am working on this – chipping away slowly but surely…
  • Property – this might still be a long way off – will see what happens, but in no rush on this
  • New shoes – I have another pair of boots now (bought a nice pair of suede zip up boots from the chinese shop a few months ago) but I still need a pair of casual takkies – NEO Connects if possible; as well as another pair of riding boots.

On Hold:

  • Getting a cover up tattoo
  • New sunglasses – I think I want Oakley’s – need a pair that is tough and mean and won’t break easily – need to save up for these


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