Wishlist update April 2014

So since my last update this is what has happened since my last post about this in September 2013:

Some of the things I want to get from wishlist part 1:

  • A boyfriend – wishful thinking
  • A full body massage – *UPDATE * –went for a back, neck and shoulder massage with the Makro Client Service ladies – 5 September 2013 and went to Mangwanani
  • A holiday (hopefully not on my own)had two holidays this year so far – One in the Pilanesburg and one in Bloemfontein (to blog about still)
  • A new watch – Casio G-Shock (might be pushing it with that one)
  • New sunglasses – Police; G&D; or Ray-Bans


Stuff I want to get rid of:

  • My stupid loan debt (the ex’s* debt actually but that I am paying the price for now) – PAID OFF YAY
  • The wetsuit  (the ex’s*) – SOLD CASH – YAY
  • The mountain bike (the ex’s*) – SOLD CASH  – YAY (and paid my excess)
  • The hamster cage – SOLD – YAY
  • My bike stuff – boots, helmet, jacket, neck brace
  • Some riding stuff – girth that’s too small, 3x  2x pairs of jods that range from too big to too small – *UPDATE* sold one pair of jods
  • The extra cellphone contract that I pay for (was the ex’s*) –  CANCELLED and no longer paying for

Wishlist Part 2

This is pretty much the same and still needs the same amount of work. There are more things I need to add to this list list. Might just start a new one 😉

Things I want to get:

  • I want to fix up my current tattoo – too many reminders and memories attached to it – plus it was never what I really wanted – Jade from Jaded Ink  convinced me to have this and I should have said NO but I didn’t and instead I let Mark get the one I really wanted and I got this… – Still need to make an appointment with someone about this
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