Wishlist May 2014

So I think it’s time I start a new wishlist as the others now seem old and outdated. New things that I now wish to add to my wishlist are as follows:

  • Pay off my car (Cleo) at some point and hopefully before the 5 years of payments are up or at the very least reduce my installments
  • Get a place of my own – OK so this is a big one – might be a flat or a small townhouse but I really want to own property
  • Get an ADSL line installed at home – wifi FTW
  • I need a new cell phone – preferably on contract – both my old ones are dying
  • More holidays; getaways; weekends away.. we all need down time right?
  • I really really really need new shoes – lots of new shoes are now necessary and no longer optional LOL
    • New riding boots; my last ones seriously gave up the ghost but I had had them a couple of years
    • New knee length boots; I also had to throw away a pair of long boots; wear and tear; seen a couple of nice ones at Rage
    • New sneakers – seen some really nice ones from Adidas – Neo’s

From the old list that I still really want:

  • Tattoo cover up is still under review and I still don’t know what I want
  • A new watch – the Casio Baby-G to be exact – I have seen the one I want.. It’s camo…
  • New expensive sunglasses – not cheapies
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