Wishlist 2016 – An Update

I posted an updated list for this last year – read Wishlist 2015. A lot has happened since then… And I really should have updated this ages ago but as they say better late than never.

I will start a new wishlist next year. One that is more practical and more realistic. But I thought I would just update this one for now just to see how far I have actually come in the past year. Makes me feel better (mostly) about where I was a year ago to where I am now.

New Items on the Wishlist

I need to think more about this and start a new list for 2017.

Current Items on the Wishlist  – Achieved

  • I need some more gym clothes – I realised I can’t fit into all the really cool running tops I have been collecting so now I have to buy bigger ones – that don’t make look like a bulging sausage. Update: New tops bought. Still cannot fit into some of the others I bought 🙁
  • New running (not cross training) shoes (for gym and otherwise – park runs etc) – will spoil myself with a new pair once I have paid for all the doctors appointments and blood tests and specialists. Update: bought a pink pair of trainers last year *expensive ones* and got a great deal on another black pair from Zando (unboxed deals) about two months ago. Also all doctors bills and specialist bills have been paid up to date.
  • A full one piece swimming costume and googles so I can actually swim at the gym – most likely from Mr Price Sport. Update:  bought and used already for swimming with my sister at Virgin Active Bedfordview while she was still pregnant. Confession: Have not been since.
  • A high impact sports bra so that running on the treadmill doesn’t hurt as much – seen some really nice ones. Update: since this I have bought two high impact sports bra’s and the cover tops at Mr Price 🙂
  • Taylor Swift’s album 1989 – can’t tell you how much I love this chick and her lyrics – all her albums actually are amazing.  I bought this CD and two of her previous albums Red and Fearless on a sale online a couple of months ago. The best lyrics. 
  • A new belt – it needs to be material preferably and it needs to be black; looked everywhere this weekend for one and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t plastic or pleather or blingy – even at Edgars.. Any suggestions? Update – been buying a lot of belts actually. Some of them are great. Some of them not so great and haven’t lasted 🙁
  • Property – this might still be a long way off – will see what happens, but in no rush on this. This is a long term goal but I do really want my own house. I am going to try my best to do this on my own. Still saving as and when I can…
  • New shoes  I bought two pairs of Adidas casual sneakers in 2015. I also ended up buying new smart shoes for my new consulting and freelance job earlier this year. I still need another pair of heels. And some slops or sandels I think 😉 #onecanneverhaveenoughshoes

Current Items on the Wishlist  – that I might never achieve

  • A boyfriend – is this a legitimate wishlist item even? But yes a real one… A talking, eating, laughing, knight-in-shining-armour one – or is this just wishful thinking… How about a date? Let’s start there 🙂 Update: This year was a disaster with guys. Had some awesome dates. But just ended up used and hurt. #datingsucks


  • Holidays – got to go on a weekend away to Mabalingwe last year which was amazing! Need more of these in the future definitely!! I have been to Harties for Christmas and for the long weekend in April. It is always good to get away and I am going to do this more often this year; whenever I get the opportunity. Maybe a week in Dullstroom and definitely a holiday at the coast.

UPDATE – I went to Dullstroom in October 2015. I had an amazing time. Swims, saunas, horse riding, long walks 🙂 

Also went for a weekend to Magalies Park with my god parents in March 2016 as well as to Mabula Lodge for a weekend in July 2016.

  • Savings – just keeping at it – one day at a time… #makingprogress

On Hold

  • Cover up tattoo – this is still on hold. I now need to lose some (ok maybe a lot) weight before getting a cover up. And that is why I joined the gym. Update: I bought a tattoo voucher for this reason but my one of my so called really good friends took it and now doesn’t want to give it back – wants to use it all for himself. And I have no idea how I am going to deal with this 🙁
  • Matching tattoo with my sister – we both want swallows on inside of our wrists. Update: I have to put this on hold for a while too now until she finishes breast feed and until I can get the voucher (or alternatively the money) back.
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    • MamaZombieZA - 3 years ago

      Your “friend” stole your tattoo voucher? What a dick! Can you not get the studio to cancel that voucher and issue you with a new one?

    • Megan - 3 years ago

      I am going to try do that. Thanks xx. It’s just that I didn’t ever expect this from him and it sucks.