Why are the good people so seriously undervalued?

I have done my fair share of pro bono work in my lifetime… and usually in circumstances that were less than ideal for me. Where I was living in someone’s outside room or living out of a car while the people I was helping for free live in mansions in Bryanston or on farms in Kyalami.

How does that work? How do you learn when to draw the line? When do you drawn the line?

Do some people just know how to kick you when your down? To take full advantage of you and fight about how much is owed to them without giving a shit about you?

How? Why? These are the questions that float around in my head…

It hurts to be used. It hurts when you know you give your all and are available at all times to help and assist and consult for free, giving up your free time at all hours of the day and weekend. It feels like being stabbed in the back.

And worst of all is when your work, advice, guidance, experience is questioned…

Yes I admit that some of this happened quite a long time ago and then again a bit more recently… It is over now and I am trying to move on… It still hurts and I just needed to put it out there.

All I want is to be appreciated for the work I do, for my level of experience and for my time spent..

Is that a big ask?

Disclaimer: This is not to take anything away from the people I do pro-bono work for that appreciate my efforts 🙂

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