What People Think

Do you care what people think? Maybe not… I do.. Even though I really shouldn’t.

I am and have always been worried about what other people think of me. To the point of distraction. And I know it is not healthy.

Everyone tries to fit it but everyone wants to be seen as unique and different. I know I don’t fit in anywhere even though that is all that I want. I don’t know why I do. I still have days where I feel that no one will miss me if I have to drop off the face of the earth. I guess I just want to feel accepted.

And yes that is probably my fault. And no I should not have any excuses for it. No “buts”..

I need to learn to take responsibility for my life, my issues, my circumstances and my future.

Just do it. Just be patient. Just be happy. Just stop caring about what other people think. If no one likes me, that is their problem. I need to learn to live my life, regardless.

Any suggestions?

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