Weekend away at Mabalingwe

I got invited to go away for a weekend to Mabalingwe with my parents and godparents. My godparents have RCI timeshare and needed to use some points so they booked a 6 sleeper for three nights at the game reserve ages ago and a couple of weeks ago extended the invitation for us to join them.

I booked my leave with my boss at the beginning of September and was really looking forward to going. I wasn’t sure I would get given the leave though as everyone else in the company had also put in leave for the same time, but my leave was eventually approved and I was super excited.


We packed Titus (the 4×4) on the Friday morning and left just before 11. We stopped at the shops on the way and even with the lunch time Friday traffic, the toll gates, the stop-and-go’s, we still got there before the official check in time so we had to wait a bit. Man alive was it hot. Getting out of the car with airconditioning was like walking into an oven.

We checked in. I discovered there was horse riding and was pretty bummed I didn’t know about it before else I would have brought my riding attire. I was also presently surprised at the price for a 90 minute ride. So I was definitely going to book!

We drove to our unit – number 64. Not much of a view but the experiences made up for it and the company of course. We unpacked, chose rooms – I got the loft – and did the inventory check. As it was soooo hot we decided to go for a swim. There was a hot pool and a cold pool right next to each other. We alternated between the two.

The godparents arrived just before we got back from our game drive.

We had dinner altogether. Washed and dried and packed away the dishes as was to become the ritual after every meal as there was no dishwasher – or there was – us. We then introduced the godparents to UNO. Now that was fun! LOL

It was really hot but we all slept like the dead zzz

The rest of the weekend

The rest of the weekend consisting of napping, swimming, game drives, and sport on TV. I watched golf – which I never watch but this weekend I did. It was the Ryder Cup so not just any old golf tournament and it was actually pretty interesting. We also watched the rugby game on Saturday night. We also went for a few walks and game drives. The early morning drive was the best as we saw a whole lot of rhino.

I also had no cell phone reception. None. Whatsoever. I had to walk up the road to the top of the hill to send my sister sms’s to find out how Benson was doing. But it was nice to have a break from technology! I need to do that more often.

We had visitors at our chalet all weekend which was amazing! Warthog, Bushbuck, Klipspringers, a big beautiful kudu and a few squirrels. Being so close to nature – it’s always amazing!


On Monday morning I booked a horse ride in the reserve. I anticipated that I would be the only person and I was right. It was just me and groom (whose name was William) and I told him I could ride and I asked him for a fast horse which he provided. Rhino the chestnut gelding. William and I galloped and trotted and walked quietly in the reserve together. It was magical! He even showed me the rhino’s  – the mom, the dad and the baby who was curious of us and come up for a closer look! So spoilt.

William told me a lot of things about the reserve, the gestation period of the wildlife, how warthog and jackals choose holes to live it. It was a fascinating experience and lots of fun! Our gallop back to the stables along the airstrip was the best! I was lucky to have experience all that.


After that we packed up and checked out – having a quick last swim on the way out. When we got back to Joburg it was cold. Such strange weather. But we had an awesome time and I was grateful for the break.

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