Wedding Preparations

Countdown to the wedding – three more days to be exact. I have been for four dress fittings (or was it five – lost count) – the final one being on Saturday morning before the bachelorettes.

In preparation for this big day over the past couple of months I have taken part in a number of festive and not so festive activities.

I have been for dress fittings and trials. It gave me a headache.

I had to go and try and find silver shoes. As per the bride’s request. I found a pair. R200 later but they are really nice.

I have also been all the way to Pretoria for wedding invitation and save the date materials. That was ages ago. But it still counts.

I spent a morning at the wedding venue – watching a dress fashion show and looking at all the different types of table layouts, colour schemes, add-ons and accessories that are wedding related. Overwhelming

Then there is all the time and money spent on the bridal shower. Was not going to mention that but I wrote a whole blog post about it here.

Tonight I am dying my hair. And then having my nails done with my sister – so excited for that.

Tomorrow is the rehearsal at the wedding venue. Who stands where and when and how and all that

Saturday is the big day which involves the following:

  • the bridal party getting ready at my house
  • hair appointments (mine first then Brides and the bride’s mom at the same hairdresser)
  • my make-up session with my sister (Bride is having her’s done while I am having my hair done – I think)
  • I guess we will have to eat at some point. Hmmm – didn’t plan for that – is tea and biscuits enough?
  • and then someone is coming to collect us – around 3 I think to go to the venue.

And then it’s the real thing! Will post about the wedding once it’s been and gone; done and dusted!

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