Wedding is over!!

It’s happened.. It’s over.. Finally! Yay!

It all worked out in the end and it was actually a good wedding!

The rehearsal was on the Thursday night at the venue – Summer Place in Boksburg. Both sets of parents were there and friends, the minister, the best men and Sarah – the flower girl. We practiced walking down the aisle, where we had to stand in the front of the chapel, going through the vows and all that. It was fun – kinda. The bride was incredibly stressed out. She still had to fix Leila’s dress and finish the flower girls dress and time was running out! I asked the groom about the cars coming to collect the bridal party and we arranged for around about 3 on Saturday – the wedding being at 15h30.  I was supposed to get my dress from Rose to try on before the wedding but that didn’t happen as the family got a call that their house alarm was going off and they all rushed off in a flat panic… I managed to arrange with everyone else to come to my house to drop the flowers and get ready etc before I left at least.

Friday came and went. I worked and got to bed early, in anticipation for the actual wedding day. Thank goodness I did.

Saturday – The big day…

We woke up to rain. Great. It is not supposed to rain in August but as luck would have it… Anyway I was still in bed when Sheraine called me (the other bridesmaid) called me in a panic to say they were going to drop off the bride as she was sick and they needed to go try and find a dress for the flower girl. So that meant the bride had not had time to finish sewing the dress for the flower girl and the stress had made her sick.. Great.

I put the grumpy feeling-sorry-for-herself bride in bed with a bean bag and dried her dress and jacket with a hairdryer. I sorted out my shoes and the card while she slept and then went to the hairdresser for my appointment.

Charlene (the hairdresser) was still busy with another client so I had to wait. I Tweeted and Facebooked and WhatsApped. Then it was my turn. We decided to put curls in my hair which ended up looking amazing!!

I also didn’t end up paying for my hair to be done which was double amazing! Drove back home to fetch the bride for her appointment. By now the make up artist was there, plus the photographer and the flowers had been delivered. Making progress.

Bridezilla was still busy with her make up so had to wait for her. At least she had eaten and had tea and a sleep and was not feeling so sorry for herself. I dropped her off at the hairdresser and then had to go back to take her some more medication *sigh*.

Got back to the house, my sister was there to do my make up. I ate first and she then did my make up for me 🙂 It also looked amazing! My dad took a few photos.

Sheraine (and Sarah – the flower girl)  then arrived with a flower girl dress that they got from Atlas Mall. So that was that problem solved. And she had my dress – thank goodness!!

Sheraine had a shower then had her make up done and I made her tea and something to eat. Rowena left saying if I needed her she would come back <3.. I went back to the hairdresser to fetch Rosemary.

Got back and then started rearranging furniture in the lounge for photos, got Sarah dressed. Let Leila in. Got Rosemary into her dress. Helped with photos. Let the cars in – the grooms dad had organised a old Jaguar and a Bently for the wedding cars – with nice big ribbons on them.

I eventually got into my dress, helped Sheraine get into her dress. Had last minute pit stops. Packed pumps and a jersey and my handbag and my phone (which I switched off).

Then it was time to leave!!! Had a few photos taken with our flowers – Benson wanted to be in the photos too. And then it was all three bridesmaids and the flower girl in the Bently and the bride in the Jag. People hooted at us all the way to the venue and we took some selfies in the car. It was pretty exciting!

We got driven all the way up the drive to the top of the red carpet. The driver took our stuff to the venue and we waited for the Bride. Photographer took a few pix as we walked down to the chapel. And then it was time. Deep breaths.. Put the vale over..

Walked into the chapel slowly and took our places in the front facing the guests. And then came the Bride with her dad who then handed her over to the Groom.

The ceremony was pretty short. A few verses, a story of commitment, the vows, the rings, the kiss and the big announcement!

After the ceremony, we (the bridesmaids and best men) walked out first followed by the rest of the guests. The newly married couple signed the registry. The minister announced them as Mr and Mrs Adams and we all threw rose petals all over them as they walked out the chapel!

The couple had a few photos taken inside the chapel while we stood freezing outside. The guests were then shown to the reception venue.

It was photos with the bridesmaids and the Bride first. Traipsing up and down the gardens to take all the weird and wonderful group shots. All I wanted to do was put lip gloss on but there was no time. We even had some pics with the Groom and the best men.

After the photo session Sheraine and I found our table, got our bags and phones and had our first drinks. Double vodka, passion fruit and lemonade and caramel vodka shots.

I took a few selfies in the bathroom and then joined Sheraine outside while she practiced her speech. We then joined the rest of the guests at our table – number two. I ended up sitting next to Bert which was nice and the rest of the people at the table were pretty lively and entertaining.. We had a good couple of laughs.

Bride and groom came in and settled down. Speeches commenced. First up the Bride’s dad – it was funny and short and sweet. Next up was the Bride’s best friend Sheraine. She did a nice speech about varsity days and how happy Rose was when she got back together with Adrian.

Next up – Food!!

Dinner was a 3 course buffet: 3 different soups as starters, veggies, carbs, lamb, beef and salads for main course and malva pudding, ice cream, tipsy tart for dessert. And coffee, really good coffee!!

After the food, was the next lot of speeches – Groom and Best Man, then the bouquet throwing (which involved pushing and shoving and which I lost to Natasha) and garter throwing, first dance – which was Iris Goo Goo Dolls and to which they waltzed, and then the cake cutting and it was all over.

Except for the dancing. That lasted til 12. I love dancing so I danced as much as I could – mainly with Natasha and Sheraine. And the last song they played as per my request was Closing Time by Semi Sonic. Awesome!

I had a really good time with Sheraine and Natasha in the end! It was awesome! And I am looking forward to seeing the photos now!

We helped pack up and I took some cupcakes home and Sheraine came with me as she had left her car at my house.. I had something to eat and a cup of tea and climbed into bed.

I also misplaced my jersey but found out later that Angela had taken it home and Shirley dropped it off at our house on Monday evening so that was a great!

I am still pretty tired but more from the migraines and the week at work. I didn’t get a thank you from the bride or the groom but that’s ok. They are currently on honeymoon in Mauritius and hope they are having a good time 🙂

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