Wedding In Bloemfontein

My cousin got married two weekends ago. In Bloemfontein of all places. It was a late afternoon wedding held outside in a beautiful setting at a venue called Tuscan Rose. And she looked stunning!!

About the Couple

My cousin and her fiance moved there over a year ago from Umhlanga to save their relationship and to start a new business. Bianca and Brandon have been together for 6 years. Bianca is only 24 and Brandon is 35. She was 18 when they first met. I have only ever met Brandon once before and that was on a trip to Durban in 2010 when Bianca and Brandon met me at Durban airport for breakfast before I went down to Shelly Beach to stay with my family for a week.

The Weekend in Bloem

We all stayed in a B&B outside Bloemfontein close to the venue by the name of Bel Tramonto. And by we I mean myself, my parents, my sister and her husband and close friends of the family Carol and Mikey. It was a quaint little place with just 5 rooms (of which we occupied 3) and had a braai area, swimming pool and avery. We were able to make use of the kitchen and dining room at any time which we did. The rooms were spacious, albeit a bit dark. We had a late night dinner there of takeaway ribs and chips on the Friday night and a mix and match lunch before the wedding on the saturday. The breakfast’s were buffet and offered cereals, yoghurt and fruit as well as toast, scrambled eggs and then bacon and hashbrowns the one morning, and sausages and mushrooms the next. Plus tea, coffee and then cappachino’s on the Sunday. All in all our stay was a good one.


Friday Night Wedding Pre Drinks

On Friday night we all met up at some larny venue (not the wedding venue) for drinks. And by we all I mean all the friends and family invited to the wedding that had travelled through. They had planned on serving snacks and everyone was to pay for their own drinks. I spent most of the evening with the other cousin Liam. It was cold and after waiting for hours for the food to be served, everyone was grumpy and tired and hungry. So tempers flared a bit. We did eventually get fancy weird snack platter things but it was almost too late.. People ate and left. We went to get ribs and chip takeaways. I also phoned G. He wanted to know where I was.. I didnt tell him I was going to Bloem and he didnt remember me telling him previously. He said he would have come with me if I had asked him again. Not sure that it would have actually happened though. Didn’t speak to him for the rest of the weekend anyway.

Saturday Morning

A whole group of us went to the infamous boermaak. It really is the place to be on a Saturday morning it seems LOL We walked up and down the aisles.. I ended up buying new bed for Benson (that is actually for babies lol), and my sister bought a tricycle for the garden. That filled up the whole of Cleo’s boot. We also went to a pick n pay on the way home to get something for us to make for lunch. We all had lunch together in the dining room back at the guest house and then got ready and dressed for the wedding. My sister even did myself and my mom’s make-up. I think we all looked pretty good


The Wedding

We went in two cars to the venue. After a couple of greetings, we all moved to the garden and waited for the bride to arrive. They were lucky with the weather as it had warmed up considerably from the day before. Bianca looked beautiful and my sister, myself and my mom all had tears running down our faces. The service wasn’t too long and was nicely laid out. It was quite religious but what can one expect being in the Free State and all. After the service, we threw the confetti, congratulated the couple and then we had a group photo as well as some family photos with the bride.

Starters in martini glasses and orange juice were served to all the guests. There was an open bar. I drank vodka, sprite and passion fruit all evening. And a bit of champagne when we did the toasts.

In terms of seating there were 7 tables including the main table and all 0f the tables were all named as virtues. Ours was “Trust”. The decor was absolutely exquisite. It really was a fairy tale scene.

We had some beautiful tear jerking moving speeches from Peter, the groom, and Brandon’s step dad.

The meal was a buffet with chicken, beef, veggies and seafood.

Then they had the first couple dance. John Legend’s All of Me. It’s a beautiful song and it gives me goosebumps. I want someone to love me as much as this one day. One can only hope…

The father daughter dance with Peter and Bianca was some Taiwanese song and the DJ cocked it up royally and then when Pam told him it was the wrong song; his reply was “tough”. I would slapped him if it was me.

So instead they did the cake cutting – which consisted mostly of cupcakes. And then they replayed the father daughter song. I don’t think I have ever seen Peter smile so much.

After that they opened the dance floor. Brandon’s mom dominated. I danced with my mom a lot.. They played a lot of oldies (YMCA and Grease) and the new stuff too.

By end end of the night my feet were killing me though as I had managed the whole night including dancing in my very high black velvet high heel shoes.

Drove the parentals home and couldn’t wait to get into bed.

ย The Day after the Wedding

Got up, packed, had a really big breakfast and left. It was a beautiful day! Stopped at the wedding venue to say goodbye to everyone. They were all having breakfast. I decided to let me dad do the first lot of driving. I was not going to do it all by myself again. I slept for about an hour and I am glad I did cos I really needed it. We stopped for diesel, a pee break and some cupcakes and I drove the rest of the way home.

All in all a great weekend! And Liam and my Aunt Pam stayed over at our house the Sunday night before flying back to Taipai on the Monday morning. So got to spend a bit more time with them – even though I could have gone to G. I was actually too tired to though. I was in bed before 9 lol


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