Was sick now better and working it

So it took me about two weeks to get over my flu (read being sick sucks). I gave myself a bit of time since then to get my shit together; and recover. I have been taking it easy though.

Too easy. I have not been for a run in ages. I know it’s bad to exercise when you are sick but another (bigger) factor is the weather.
It has been to cold to run, too dark to run. Winter is here. And yes it’s a poor excuse and yes I am lazy.

So no running.. Sad Face.. No Park Runs.. Even more of a sad face for Benson! (I think he loved the Park Runs more than I did).

But and this is a big but… There are four of us (me included) that are taking part in a 30 day burpee and planking challange.

Four days completed (we are on day 5 now) and I am really starting to feel it. At least today is a rest day for burpees and only 40 seconds of planking which I think I can manage. The problem is that it is only getting worse from here – lol – not better.

Wish me luck!

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