Walk the Talk 2015

On Sunday my sister and I, along with Benson and Bella, attended the 702 Walk the Talk event at Mark’s Park.

It was a great day out but also a really long day out. And it was cold. More than cold. More like freezing. We started off with beanies and gloves and jackets – it was THAT cold.

We were dropped off at about 9am and immediately set up our phones to track our walking progress. We realised we had to walk against the traffic of the 8 km walk – which had just started – in order to make our way to the start. With our two dogs that had too much energy and way too much spark (read aggression), that in itself was not an easy task. We managed to find our way to the hospitality section and then to the SAB tents to meet Ann and her mom and sister and all of their Jack Russels. We sat there for a while, lost the beanies and gloves and jackets, pinned on our numbers/names, took selfies, and then made our way to the start. It was still cold though.

Before starting the 5 km walk we sung the national anthem. It took us a while to get to the actual official start of the race and by the time we actually did we had already walked over 6 kms. Rowena had her selfie stick so we took an obligatory selfie as we walked through the start 🙂

Benson and Bella also got to be on TV when one of the crews wanted some shots of them!

There was only one human water point – which served Powerade and water. There were two water points for the dogs though and both of them drank a lot of water at both points. I had to hold Benson’s ears so they didn’t get too wet from the water bowls. We also gave them water along the way.

It took quite a while to complete the 5 kms, there were just so many people. The dogs had a different finishing point where we got medals and both dogs got Beeno biscuits.

We then managed to find Ann and her family; we bought everyone Seattle Coffee (the best) and then made our way to the car park where we found some space on the grass to have a picnic. Bella had a swim in the dam on the way. We had to try and eat without the dogs getting any of the food which was a mission and Bella also escaped when Rowena went to find Dale; she bolted and I have to really run hard with Benson to catch her. We had juice and muffins and chip and dip and lazed about in the sun but it was still cold.

After packing up we said our goodbyes and made our way back to the finish line to get to the car so we could go home. We were all pretty buggered – the dogs especially. Over the course of the entire day I walked a total of 19 kms. That is a lot of walking.

I could not wait to get into bed. It was an awesome day though; Benson was really well behaved and had a good time too 🙂


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