Walk Haven

My sister decided to do something different for her birthday this year. Instead of having something at her house she wanted the family, and any friends that were keen, to go to Walk Haven for the day.

So on Sunday 29 June 2014, we road tripped around the countryside and eventually landed up at a busy Walk Haven in Muldersdrift.

My parents,  Ben and I first went all the way through to my sisters’ house in the South to fetch her, my brother-in-law Dale and Bella – their black lab. Then all of us drove the scenic route – aka to avoid etolls – in my dad’s 4×4 Titus with the dogs in the back.

The weather was utterly gorgeous! I walked around most of the day in a T-shirt. Rowena’s friends Jason and Niki and their daughter Jenna-May as well as their golden retriever met us there. The dogs got on well and we took lots of pictures 🙂

We were busy all the time, running up and down after the dogs, throwing balls for them, eating, drinking lol

G even came through to join us. I didn’t think he would even after he asked me where I was going and I invited him to join us. So I was ecstatic when he pitched up in the Landy with the dogs!!<3

We walked around the dam together; I introduced him to the parentals and the rest of the family; all the dogs ended up swimming – Benson included and it was great to spend time in the sun with family and friends. And it was great to see G.. Haven’t seen him for nearly two months so it was really good to see him again. Not that I will probably see him again for a while again – he is just too busy and has other things going on in his life which I understand but it’s still not cool. But anyway.. Moving on…

We left after spotting some rain clouds in the distance and even drove through a bit of a storm. The upside of the that was the double rainbow in the sky though.   I had one very dirty, tired but very happy dog in my lap on the way home. Had to give him a bath and a blow-dry with my hair dryer and then myself afterwards too but it was all worth it. Benson was very good and I was very proud of him. He didn’t even get car sick. Although he did get a hiding for going to the lapa next to us and eating their leftovers. He even swam on his own and he stuck right my side when I was with G. He really is an awesome dog!




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