Valentine’s Day

I have a love hate relationship with the 14th of February. I love it when I am with someone and there is the chance of being spoilt and spoiling someone back. I hate it when I am alone. Makes sense though, doesn’t it?

I used to hate this particular when I was at school – especially high school. I hardly ever got any kind of Valentines gifts and when I did it was because my friends and I bought for each other so that we didn’t look like the biggest losers in the class.

One Valentine’s Day, my boyfriend at the time got me 6 by 9″ speakers for my car which got stolen while we out having dinner, along with my underwear and shoes.

Another Valentine’s day, I booked a back massage for my ex, organized a lunch for him as well well as a haircut and pedicure and then took him out for dinner at Monte afterwards – all a surprise and I only gave him GPS co-ordinates for each place and a time to be there – kind of like a treasure hunt.

If I think about I have been treated on the occasional Valentines day, red roses, dinner reservations, presents so I shouldn’t complain.

I do believe there should be more than one day in the year when someone does something romantic for their significant other though. Why just spoil someone on one day when the price of roses is 10x the normal price and all the restaurants are booked up anyway.

Last year I was on course – Health and Safety Representative training and it was also the day the Oscar shot and killed Reeva. Funny how certain events colour one’s memories and feelings about a particular day…

But on a postive note, let’s see what this Valentine’s Day holds for me and the rest of the world 🙂

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