Update to Wishlist 1 and 2

Wishlist Part 1

I decided to look back at all the things I put on my wish list back in May 2013 and I am proud to say that I was able to actually write some of them off.

Things I want to get – wishlist:

  • My own saddle for Amber (mysaddlefund.co.za) – DONE – took a lot of blood, sweat and tears but I have my own saddle for the pony! YAY
  • Matching girthDONE – ticked off – got a sheepskin padded girth at that 😛
  • 7 Habits of Highly Effective People – the bookDONE – bought it online from Kalahari
  • A new car – not brand new but newer than what RubyDONE and I actually did one better – I got a brand new out the box car *stoked* – Hello Cleopatra
  • A boyfriend – LOL – wishful thinking
  • A full body massage – *UPDATE * – going for a back, neck and shoulder massage with the Makro Client Service ladies – 5 September 2013
  • A holiday (hopefully not on my own)
  • A new watch – Casio G-Shock (might be pushing it with that one)
  • New sunglasses


To I want to get rid of:

  • My stupid loan debt (the ex’s* debt actually but that I am paying the price for now) – *UPDATE * – I am chipping away at it slowly but surely – as and when I can
  • The wetsuit
  • The mountain bike (the ex’s*)
  • The hamster cageSOLD YAY
  • My bike stuff – boots, helmet, jacket, neck brace
  • Some riding stuff – girth that’s too small, 3x pairs of jods that range from too big to too small
  • The extra cellphone contract that I pay for (was the ex’s*) – *UPDATE * Cancelling this cellphone contract with Cell C at the end of September 2013

*refers to the all illusive Mark Usher (sigh)

Wishlist Part 2

I also made some notes and crossed some items off wishlist part 2! It seems that I only have one more thing to do on this part of the wishlist now.

Things I want to get:

  • I mentioned I need a saddle for Amber, and a girth.. It so happens that I also need stirrup leathers.. I have stirrups but with synthetic leathers.. When I get my saddle I will need proper leathers to match the new saddle DONE – yay! I know have a saddle with stirrups and a girth
  • A proper bit for Amber too – so I can have more control and stop her when I want her to stop – yes this should be in my horse blog but no one ever reads that anywayDONE – Amber now has a bit and two bridles – YAY
  • I want to fix up my current tattoo – too many reminders and memories attached to it – plus it was never what I really wanted – Jade from Jaded Ink  convinced me to have this and I should have said NO but I didn’t and instead I let Mark get the one I really wanted and I got this… – Still need to think about and DO

Things I need to do:

  • So for my car (Ruby)… I need to get matt-black spray paint for my boot spoiler and spray itScratch that – sold Ruby so there is no need to fix the boot spoiler 😛
  • Ruby is also in desperate need of a wash – *update* I washed my car today – Monday 17 June 2013Washed my new car Cleopatra this weekend – 1 September 2013
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