Update to the Wishlist – Part 2

So I thought of some more things to add to this list… Here we go:

Things I want to get:

  • I mentioned I need a saddle for Amber, and a girth.. It so happens that I also need stirrup leathers.. I have stirrups but with synthetic leathers.. When I get my saddle I will need proper leathers to match the new saddle
  • A proper bit for Amber too – so I can have more control and stop her when I want her to stop – yes this should be in my horse blog but no one ever reads that anyway
  • I want to fix up my current tattoo – too many reminders and memories attached to it – plus it was never what I really wanted – Jade from Jaded Ink  convinced me to have this and I should have said NO but I didn’t and instead I let Mark get the one I really wanted and I got this…

Things I need to do:

  • So for my car… I need to get matt black spray paint for my boot spoiler and spray it
  • She also is in desperate need of a wash – *update* I washed my car today – Monday 17 June 2013
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