Update 2 October 2013

Just a quick update on Amber and I for the ZERO people who read this… Sigh..

It’s been about a month since I last posted anything as I have been so busy at work it is crazy… No time for anything other than work and sleep and eating practically…

I also had to give up riding time on the weekends which is really not cool and I get depressed when I don’t ride or get to see my horse 🙁

When I did get to ride it was great though. Had some awesome canters in the mielie fields with Ann’s daughter – Dominique and even did a two hour outride with Amber on our own the one weekend when I was on two days leave – even though the weather was shit.

Amber is still and unfortunately lame on occasions and I wish she would come right. I need to get someone out to see her but I am not who or what to get looked at as her hooves are looking better – since the farrier actually started doing them – so I know its not that but I really want to sort it out so I can ride her in lessons and get her show ready..

Not that I have the time at the moment but I am hoping that things will start coming right for me in that department and that I will start earning more money and having more free time to ride…

One can dream right? 🙂

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