Ultra SA 2015

So Valentine’s Day – 14 February 2015 – was a little different this year. I didn’t have a date – what’s new – but I did have an Ultra SA ticket for the Johannesburg event.

I have never been to an Ultra festival before. And to be fair I have never been to any EDM music festival before.

I got an early bird ticket as soon as they came out – last year already – but it was still R750.

I was looking forward to it – excited and nervous – not knowing what to expect. Until about a week before the event… I was ready to flog my ticket basically. It didn’t happen though cos I managed to sort things out and I was happy to end up going. I even planned ahead a bit for this. Outfit, bag so I didn’t have to hold anything, cash, disposable poncho even though I didn’t need it as I didn’t rain but I am glad it didn’t rain – that would have sucked, jersey – I did end up using this later in the evening – it was cold.

It has hot to start off with though – weather wise. LOL. The taxi came and fetched us – five of us and dropped us at Naserec sometime after 2pm. We walked around a bit and I took some nice pics in the front of the stage. We watched a bit of Goldfish and Fresh and Euphonik. We drank a bit. Went for two rounds of drinks. It was fun – at this point. We had a few irritating people and we kept moving around but on the whole it was fun.

The later it got, the busier it got, the worse it got. I was hungry – no lunch besides a Monster energy drink. We went and sat for a bit and had mini doughnuts. Went back to watch Oliver Heldens – not sure who he is. Stayed there a while – walked around some more. Went back and almost head butted some guy who was bigger than me in the face #pissedoffisnottheword. There were just too many people and way too much pushing and shoving going on. It was annoying.

We went to get food – which wasn’t nice and was too expensive – the usual for concerts. We met up with Ashley (ex colleague from Quirk) and his girlfriend. He told us how to get to the back and that was much better than being at the front – less people, better view, no pushing. We watched a bit of Hardwell, a bit of Armin Van Buuren and then also some Lady Lea. I didnt enjoy it. I kept standing on rubbish – there was bottles and rubbish everywhere and I mean everywhere. Some drunk guy tried to kiss me; some other drunk guy grabbed my foot and standing on a hill or in a hole wasn’t comfortable; neither was sitting on the grass #rash. Plus it was cold. I had to dance to try keep warm and my legs were sore.

I don’t remember much of the music. So that didn’t leave much of an impression on me. Maybe I wasn’t drunk enough and I suppose everyone else was high. I just couldnt wait to get home and climb into bed. We left before the main act and I was glad we had a taxi waiting for us. I stayed at my friend so I didn’t have to drive home thankfully. I also ended up having a fight with the Paramedic about all this which also didn’t help.

The best part of the whole weekend was the breakfast at Spur on Sunday morning 🙂

Although I am glad I went, I will never do something like that again. I know one should never say never. But I really didn’t enjoy it that much. Especially for what it end up costing me: over R1200 with the taxi and food and drinks (not that I even drank much). An experience that I do not wish to repeat but I guess I can cross this off my bucket list now.

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    • Megan - 5 years ago

      See this is why I don’t bother with big festivals any more. I do go to the odd outdoor psy party, but the big commercial things generally suck so i won’t waste my time and money i don’t have. try out one of the cater gatherings maybe?