Two Year Anniversary at Quirk

18th July – which also happened to be Mandela Day – marked my two year anniversary at Quirk Jozi.

Two long hard years..

Lots of good times and a whole lot of bad times too…

The Good

  • The parties – we have had some epic parties – dancing, drinks and the photobooth 😛
  • I was promoted to Senior Developer last year #boom
  • The friends I have made – Tas, Alison, Phil, Liesl, Noelene, Katt, Claire, Noelene, Zoi, Yolandie, Munro… Did I miss anyone out?
  • Getting Simba to come work here!
  • Winning QuickStar of month twice last year 🙂
  • I also just got a new Macbook Pro as the other one is dying so really happy about that 🙂 Not so happy about the migration I have to do though lol..

The Bad

  • Some of the projects I worked on last year broke my soul
  • I have not taken proper leave since I started working here – partly because I also became single since starting here and I don’t want to go on holiday by myself…
  • I have become pretty cynical
  • Some of the people I have had the misfortune to work with/under
  • Logging time #enoughsaid
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