Two weeks – so far so good

My parents have been in the UK for two weeks already. Time is flying – no pun intended.

I haven’t starved or burned the house down because I actually have idea how the oven works. That’s progress right? LOL

I did use hand washing powder instead of normal washing power in the washing machine though – I wondered why there was so much foam.

I have eaten out every night last week from Monday to Friday although to be fair only on two occasions was it actual take-away’s and one was when I had to work late at the office.

Other than that it’s been ok.. Better than I expected actually. I kinda like my own company and I have Benson. He is amazingly loyal and doesn’t leave my side when I am at the house.

My sister and her lab Bella stayed over last week Friday so I have a had a bit of company 🙂 We went to the Keg and Kingfisher in Boksburg. I don’t think I have ever been there before actually and I have been living on and off in Benoni for how long now? We didn’t really know where to go to be honest. Although I stay in Benoni and Rowena works there, we don’t know where are the trendy places to hangout – lol. Ironic is it not? Anyway it was busy and cold and they actually had a band playing – old school music and people were dancing – weird. We had cocktails, shooters and a huge platter for six people and we ended up taking home most of it. I had breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next two days just from that. Couldn’t wait to go home and climb into bed though. It was cold and I was tired. Or maybe I am just boring and getting old…

I do miss my parents though but I think they are having a good time and that is all that matters <3

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