Two Positive Things

There were only two positive things that came out of my 5 year relationship with he that shall not be named:

1. Benson


I have in my possession the best dog in the whole wide world 😛

He is super loving and great company; and is ALWAYS happy to see me not matter what time I get home from work!


2. Amberamber5

Amber is the first horse I have ever owned and I hope to have her for a very long time! We have been though some trying times, and she challenges me often.. I hope that one day we will be an awesome team though cos that is what it is all about.

I bought Amber while I was with Mark – it’s amazing that I managed to buy something for myself that I am not still paying off… #justsaying

The list of negative things is a lot more.. One day I might have the courage to write it down.. get it out but for now I thought I would concentrate on the positive!

Onwards and upwards!!!!

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