Twitter Admits to Loading Errors on Application and Clients

This morning when I tried to log onto Twitter using the NimBuzz application on my smartphone, it gave me log in errors. During the course of the day I also tried logging onto the actual site and even downloaded various other social networking clients to see  if  I was able to log in via another application.

It appears that Twitter was aware of the problem and had issued a status report:


One of three over the past few days:

twitter status part 2

Following the whole debacle with the Blackberry Twitter application UberTwitter having to change its name to UberSocial following a breach of policies and trademarks (read more here), it was only a matter of time before the application itself would begin have some technical issues, although I did not expect it would happen as quickly.

Only recently was I able to access my Twitter account and actually Tweet. Being able to access Twitter at any point in time has always been part of the allure for me. For those few hours that it was unavailable/unaccessible, I genuinely felt disconnected.

Welcome back Twitter!

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