Things to be grateful for

I have to start feeling more grateful for what I have and appreciate the small things. It is probably the first step to turning this mess in my head around to be more positive…

In no particular order…

1. My parents – there are no words to express how much I love and appreciate them; they have supported me even through all my bad decisions

2. My dog Benson – this creature really is a gift from above; he is more loyal than most humans I know.

3. My Horse Amber – I never thought I would ever own my horse or that if I did that she would be as beautiful as she is; and we have had some amazing rides together so far and am hoping for many many more

4. My sister Rowena Jane Cuthbert – we have had our moments but we will always be there for each other xxx

5. My friends – I don’t have many friends but the ones I do have are crazy, but sublimely awesome xx

6. My car – Cleo is an awesome little car (read – hello cleopatra). Ruby was also a great car and gave me many kilometers of pleasure 🙂

7. A body that is functional.. I really need to be more grateful for this.. For the fact that I can walk and run and skip and horse ride and stretch. That I can see (even though I have glasses now – four eyes) and read and write an type and laugh and sing (not that well of course)… I am lucky..

8. A job – I have a job that pays the bills and I work with and have had the privilege of working with some amazing people. It is not all sunshine and roses, its more like shit hitting the fan constantly, but it’s a job and I work my damn ass off on a daily basis to get things done to as high a standard as possible, as efficiently as possible.

9. I don’t have my own place yet but I have a place to stay which is more than a lot of other people out there #begrateful

10. …

I will continue adding to this list as I am think of things to be grateful for! There is so much to be grateful for.. You just have to open your mind…

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