Things I want for my birthday this year

I made this list for things I would like for my birthday this year – its not very comprehensive but it’s all I could think of.

I don’t really want to be celebrating my birthday anymore as I don’t want to be getting any older so we can call it my unbirthday and it’s still two weeks away so I still have time to think of what else I might want LOL

  • A full body massage
  • New sports bra (for running and riding) – Sorted as I bought myself a new one from Woolies this past weekend
  • Tracksuit pants (out with the old that are too big for me and in with the new)
  • Biltong (one can never have enough biltong)
  • Chocolate (one can never have enough chocolate either especially if its Lindt)
  • New car seat covers for Cleopatra
  • Another pair of shoes – Soviets or All Stars maybe? 😀
  • A date for the company year end function which is two days after my birthday – have no idea if this will happen but I am just putting it out there – Cancelled my +1 from the RSVP today; personally don’t think the person I invited wanted to come or would have been able to make it anyway (DUTY CALLS)

So in place of the above two scratched out items… I will have to think about it…

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