Things are looking up for September

So although August has been a kak month, and now ending with a cold front on top of it all and cancelling my plans to see Jack Parow, things are at least looking up for September. At least so far, in the form of the following:

  • I will get my little pocket rocket back from Renew-It Proline – hopefully next week – (holding thumbs and fingers and toes)
  • Diesel (and petrol) is coming down next week – which is always good news
  • Paul starts at EOH Digital on Monday
  • I am going to I <3 Joburg with my sister next weekend – yay
  • I am going to Joburg Day with Alison on the 13th of September – super excited for that
  • There is a public holiday in September – who does not like a public holiday once in a while – and it’s been a while according to Staind
  • I am going away for the weekend at the end of September to the bush and I really need a holiday – a few more days would have been better but right now I will take what I can get

Onwards and upwards. Things are looking up. Happiness is <3



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