The Yellow Launch

It has been a week since the launch of our new company name and brand.. TheYellow Launch was the process that lead up the actual event to which a number of our valued clients where invited and to which the only prelude was an event and the colour yellow mentioned all over the place..

8 September 2010 marked the launch of a new online digital agency which has been around for over 10 years in the web industry under a number of different company names namely: Africa Outdoors, Cybertrenz and most recently, JD Internet Consulting.

The launch had a three main goals: one, to introduce the new brand and name and colours, and two, to introduce all of the individual members of the team to those who attended, to put a name to a face as most correspondance is done “online” 🙂 Last but not least, to introduce the new tools of the trade, as it were, as developed by the star of the company and the SEO department, Nick Duncan, known as TOM. Jonathan Housten, the online marketing manager, introduced the various components of this new online marketing tool, which is set to benefit and grow the SEO/SMO client base and revenue, and to improve the service offering of this new Digital Marketing Agency.

The main components of this sytem are as follows:

  • Enquiry Control – manages all the enquiries sent through the clients’ website
  • Copy Centre – enables clients to liase with our talented copywriter about events and news within the company
  • Rank Checker – shows up to date keyword rankings
  • Scatalyst – allows clients to send though updates for posting on any of the social media platforms

More tools and improvements on the above are in the pipeline… Watch this space:

The rest of the lauch consisted of mingling, platters, drinks and yellow cupcakes..

A lot of work went into this launch, the new website, new CI, new developments and tools.. All resulting in a well planned and successful event as many of our clients concurred..

So the moral of this whole story:

JD Internet Consulting is now and forever more to be known as “talooma” with a small “t”.. and its just the beginning for this young dynamic crazy team.. 🙂


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