The Water Challenge

From as back as I can remember I have never really liked drinking water. So drinking a mammoth two litres of water a day seemed like an impossible task.

The only time I actually used to drink a lot of it was after horse riding – after spending a few hours in the saddle on a hot summer’s day sweating like a pig – drinking borehole water was a welcome reprieve. When I used to run at the gym years and years ago – I would drink water too but not even that much.

So actually wanting to drink water any other time, just becauseĀ and out of choice, instead of coffee or tea or anything else really, is a different story.

I have now taken on a different approach to this and am trying to drink water more regularly. It’s only been recently but I am making a concerted effort. I even installed an app to monitor my water intake. It’s called Water My Body and it even has reminders to remind you to drink water when you are below target.

So now it’s just up to me. I have been trying this out for a week and so far so good. I will see if it helps in anyway or makes any kind of difference to my general well being šŸ™‚

One can only but try.

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