The Training Show 12 October 2014

I mentioned that I was competing in a show a couple of days ago.

So Sunday was the day.

The Place: Banbury Equestrian Centre

My parents and I drove through to the yard after breakfast. Ben was all excited as he thought he was coming with. We arrived just before 9 and they were still busy with the first class.

But after talking to everyone and arsing around I kinda ran out of time. I had a complete meltdown, stress out, freak out session and it got way worse before it got better.

I should have known better. But it ended well so I was lucky I guess.

The third class started then I realised I needed to catch Vivaldi and tack him up. So I ran to the field to catch him and then I realised I still needed to get his tack out the car and my helmet etc out of Titus. I asked my mom to help me but then my sister phoned for directions and I couldnt help her cos I was tacking up. In hindsight I should have just helped her and then my mom could have helped me.

Anyway I rushed down to where my dad was and asked him to hold Vivaldi while I adjusted the stirrups etc. I was hot and sweaty and stressed out. My sister arrived and I went up to meet her.

Vivaldi then managed to shake his bridle off which freaked me out even more cos I did not want him galloping off with his bridle dragging the floor. But between all of us we managed to get it back on.

I put my helmet on and took Vivaldi to the entrance to the arena and asked Louise to hold him while I walked the course for my first class – the 60cm course. Rowena walked the course with me. It was 10 jumps (11) ending with a combination. I explained how it works. I was pretty nervous.

I was third on the list. So after the first competitor went in I got on and thought I would walk him around. BAD IDEA. He completed freaked out! Snorting, bucking, dancing in circles – the wind, the flapping red tape didn’t help. Horses and people scattered. I was just trying to stay on. Then some asshole walked up to me and asked me if I know how to ride! Asshole.

Anyway I decided to go in as the second competitor. Mistake. I should have got him to calm down first. Cos in the arena, he was a nightmare. Cantering on the sport and to the side all over the place. The bell went and I didn’t a choice but to ride. Vivaldi wanted to race the entire course like a mad thing. I had to hold him back cos I knew if I gave him his head he would gallop the entire course and I was just too shit scared to let him – even though we have done that a few times in the arena when we have been messing around. But not at a show.

I managed to finished the course with a clear round – amazingly enough – and I had Bernie and Ashley shouting instructions at me though ! Lol. After the last jumped I battled to get him to stop or calm down as he continued going ballistic. But as soon as he stopped for long enough for me to get off I took both my feet out the stirrups as quickly as I could and vaulted off his back. I was shaking like a leaf and I was glad to be on the ground.

My sister and my dad came stood with me while I calmed down and gave me some coke which I really needed. I had to go back in the ring to collect my rosette for a clear round! I jumped on and went into the arena to present myself to the judge with the other riders for my rosette and lap of honour!! Whoohooo


The other two classes went much better. I competed in the 70cm class and then the 70-80cm class – the biggest I have ever jumped in a show! I jumped a clear round in the 70cm class and competed in the jump off. Unfortunately I knocked the first combination and ran out the second jump so had a penalty and had to jump the combination again. But I still came fourth in the class and had to present myself to the judge and we did a lap of honour – the best part!!

The 70cm-80cm class – I was tired as was Vivaldi.. We jumped the course really well – cool and calm and collected – but were unfortunate to knock a pole so didn’t make the jump offs or get a rosette. After all that I was exhausted! Untacked Vivaldi and gave him some carrots and took his tack back to Ann’s car. We stayed a bit to watch Ashley jump in the 90cm class with the Joker. I was thirsty and hungry and exhausted and hot lol. My sister had already left but I was really glad she came to watch.

I was proud of mine and Vivaldi’s performance – even though some of it was just a blur. We need some more practice and I need to be more relaxed but we got some more experience, we made a good team I think and I got two rosettes.

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