The Show 7th July 2013

The day of the show…

I woke up early and got ready – I was as nervous as anything but also excited 🙂

I wore my white jods and gaiters with a white shirt and a red hoodie. I took my showing helmet but I still wore my body protector – better safe then sorry right..

I got to the stables early. Found Nordic in his stable. Brushed him a bit and tacked him up… Got myself ready.. Decided to warm up early and by now it was getting warmer so I got someone to hold him while I took my hoodie off and put it in the car.

I rode around in the warm up arena.. He kept neighing which was a bit disconcerting and seemed super eager which had me a bit nervous…

I also got moaned at by some instructor for jumping the wrong way.. I had trotted and cantered a bit so it wasn’t too bad in terms of a warm up..

I went and waited for the first class to finish so I could walk the course..

My parents could not come watch me which was pretty disappointing but I knew I would have other people watching me which was cool!

Louise, Ann, Mark and his girlfriend as well as Naomi were there to watch me and even took photos of me which was really nice.

Louise held Nordic while I walked the course for the first class… Had 8 jumps to remember.. or was it 9.. cant remember lol…

I watched the first two riders and then I went for another trot and a few jumps.

I came back and then decided to go wait in line. I really was super nervous.. I walked around the arena while another competitor was busy and introduced myself to the judges.

And then it was my turn..

It was a bit of a blur.. I trotted into the first jump and ended up cantering over the rest of the jumps! It was fun!

Clear round – got a rosette and I was smiling from ear to ear – so proud of the little orange pony 🙂

And Louise missed my round LOL

I got off and asked Louise to hold Nordic while I put my rosette in the car and went into a stable to take off some layers and get some water. I was thirsty and it was hot – in winter…

I chatted to everyone while waiting for the class to finish and then walked the course for the next class – 50-60cm

This was 11 jumps – ending in a combination! So cool.. so exciting.. so nervous.. lol – walked it 3 times just to make sure…

I didn’t warm up again.. I just watched the first few people go and then got back on Nordic who was calm and collected and walked over to the entrance to wait in line. Naomi was there and took some pictures of me and was there to watch me jump – really cool 🙂

I let a few people go in front on me and then walked up to the judges box to introduce myself.. The bell rang and off I went.. Into jump 1 at a canter.. Raced around the course at a canter and did some awesome jumping!!

And flew over the combination in the end – ending with a wave at the crowd at a canter for a clear round! Super fun!!! And I got another rosette…

I was really happy with myself for being so brave and super happy with Nordic and his jumping abilities! Thought we made a good team 😛

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