The Next Challenge: Joining the Gym

I have decided to bite the bullet and join gym. After completing the Discovery Vitality Fitness Assessment a few weeks ago, it has become evident that I need to work on my fitness levels which revolves around cardio mostly and since I don’t like road running on my own that much (traffic is a bit hectic) I thought I would attempt the whole gym thing again. I used to be a Planet Fitness member in Benoni and in Fourways at one point in my life. I used the running track and the vibrate machine consistently. I also attended power boxing classes. That was fun.The initial consistency faded and eventually I only used to go to swipe my card. I am hoping that this time will be different.

I can also afford to do this now that I no longer have a horse to pay for on a monthly basis. I will keep you posted once I decide where and when and how this is going to happen. I just need to get all my diucks ina row first.

But this is going to happen. I want this to be a success and I might be asking for motivation and inspiration as well as a gym partner sooner rather then later but let’s see what happens.

Watch this space.

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