The Dating Game and My Friends

Seems like everyone wants to me to get into this dating game and meet someone, somehow, somewhere and soon while we are at it. First it was my family (part one and part two).

Now it is my friends too. My colleagues at work (also affectionately known as the penguins) decided to help with my with singleness in another way.

In other words: Tinder.

So on Friday after much deliberation and convincing my profile was reactivated; my photos were updated and reworked courtesy of Leigh, and my bio rewritten (not by me). And then the swiping commenced.

Two hours later, we had been through a fair amount of profiles, and I only had one match which I then sent a message to. Saturday morning I got a reply that looked like this (exactly like this):


I think it’s fair to say I won’t be using this app for a while; let alone this “form” or “means” of meeting someone even if it’s just to put myself out there again.

Swipe left.

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