The Dating Game and My Family

So once again I am feeling the pressure of having to find someone… My mom suggested that I should join a running club in Benoni.. To meet people..
I didn’t think that was such a bad idea..

But then she also come up with this one:

She recently suggested that I should think about joining a online dating agency/service. She actually wanted to know how much a monthly subscription costs so she could set up a profile for me on my behalf; and then vet the applicants..
I wasn’t sure if I should laugh at that or cry… SIGH.

I guess it is not that bad – to join an online dating agency is it? I know a few people who have met their significant others online.

It’s just been a negative experience for me in the past. I tried speed dating and I did create a profile on at one point in my life. The speed dating thing didn’t go all that well. And on the
only people who showed any interest where much much older men… So not my thing.

I just don’t feel this is the best way for me to meet someone. I have tried it. I even used Tinder for a while. I just didn’t have the¬†best experiences. I don’t think it is for me.

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    • Megan (The Other One) - 5 years ago

      I tried the online dating thing. What a waste of time and money. Seriously. There are a bunch of desperate psychos out there. The only one I actually met was AT LEAST 15 years older than his profile photo and desperately boring. I ducked out of the restaurant before our food was even finished, told him the babysitter had to rush off. I blogged about some of the funnier moments… it was quite the experience.

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