The Bachelorettes

So the wedding is nearly upon us! Can you like to be believing it lol The Bridal Shower slash Bachelorettes took place on Saturday. The bride knew about it. Of course she would. To be fair it was the last weekend before the wedding so if it didn’t happen this weekend then it wasn’t going to happen at all. But she knew about for a while and her reason/excuse was because she she didn’t make any appointments on the day. I was a bit upset about that but anyway it’s over now. Moving on.

Let’s start at the beginning… Sheraine the other bridesmaid, who lives in KZN, contacted me to tell me that Natasha wanted to plan a kitchen tea for Rosemary. I had originally wanted to do a sleep over but seeing as though none of the other bridesmaids were interested in helping me with that I didn’t do much more about it. Natasha is the best man’s girlfriend.

After an initial argument (kinda) we spoke over WhatsApp and had a few phone calls and organised the whole thing. She had a list of people who were invited to the wedding and sent out invites for the day. In the end we had 13 RSVP’s.

I was lucky I went to The Flower Shop two weeks ago because after my car accident, I had no time or inclination to do anything. For my part I bought serviettes, paper plates, confetti, straws and balloons – all in the theme of purple. I got her a big of an outfit. A bright pink alice band and a sash that read “Bride to be” and a penis wand and penis straws to drink from.  I also bought cold drinks and fruit juices for the spread as well as alcohol for Rosemary – Smirnoff Spins and a bottle of Strawberry lips. Altogether it was a bit of a costly exercise.

Natasha organised platters and a banner and was kind enough to host the event at her house in Rynfield.

Guests were asked to bring a pamper presents for the bride as an entrance gift and linen or homely gifts as her present. I got her an Annique glitter body lotion – to wear on the wedding day! And a gift voucher from Mr Price Home.

I arrived at Natasha’s house just after 12 to help her set up. Invitation was 1 for 1h30. We moved furniture. Arranged food and drinks and glasses and all the decorations and extras and we put up the banner. It rained. In Winter – which is unusual for the Highveld. It was also really cold so it was a good thing we were inside.


When the bride arrived, I dressed her up and handed her a drink.

The other guests then started arriving and handing over gifts. Adrian’s mom and Rosemary’s mom arrived and ended up sitting together. The only person I knew there other than the bride was Kerry. There were two guests who were late but we started without them. I welcomed everyone and thanked them for coming.

Sarah – Angela’s daughter and Rosemary’s niece – who is already 10 years old handed Rosemary gifts. She had to guess who there were from and what was the gift was. For every wrong guess she had to drink Strawberry Lips from a glass through a penis straw LOL.

We did that for a bit. Then we played a game. Wedding Bingo. It was fun. There was even a prize for the winner.

Then we had some food. I was starving. I was the only person there who was not in a relationship besides the kids. Everyone also seemed to be married, pregnant or a mom.

The next game was a “what do you keep in your handbag” game. We were all given a list and we had to mark off the items we had in our handbags and each item had varying points associated to it. The top three had to be audited. I was one of the to three. They all laughed at me (and some of them looked down on me) because I had a spoon and a underwear in my handbag. Rosemary’s mom had to take a picture of me holding my underwear to add to it but I am a good sport I guess – some of the time anyway –  so I obliged.

I was just happy to have won something, We opened more presents. Played another game. You had to name things to do with weddings from A to Z. One word only. Sex and Zebra-crossing. Those were my best 😛

It was pretty much over after that. Ate some more. People started leaving. I started getting a headache that progressed to a migraine by the end of the night. I was tired as well but I was determined to stick it out to the end. It was my duty after all.

I had to go home at about 6 to feed Benson and put him inside. It was cold and dark and he was extremely happy to see me. Felt bad leaving him again.

Went back to Natasha’s house. Helped tidy up and helped the bride-to-be-pack the car with all her gifts. She got some really awesome gifts.

Her dad came to fetch her mom. Really did look like a hobo though.

I asked Rosemary if she wanted to go for dinner and invited Natasha along. She suggested we go to Bingo. I think she might be a regular lol.

Rosemary drove with me and we had to go on the back roads because of the stupid e-tag on the rental. We got there in the middle of a linked round with other branches across the country. Ordered drinks. I had a Cataflam and a water. I was not feeling well at all. This headache was progressively worse – which might account for the fact that I drove into the pavement on the way there too.

I also ordered a pizza and ate most of it. We put money in a pool and took 3 cards a time. Rosemary won Bingo on the first round. How amazing and ironic?

I could not wait to go home. Was in bed before 11 so guess that was a win. Took a Tramaset – messaged my sister to let her know I was home safe and passed out.

The end of a long day. Think Rosemary enjoyed it which was the point of the whole exercise.

And now for the wedding!


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