Tests and Things

I completed the http://theinkblot.com test and these were my results – although I am not entirely sure I agree:

Test Results

Sickness Quotient: 44%
Congratulations! At a 44% “Sickness Quotient”, you’re almost well-adjusted.

Detailed Diagnosis

  • Interpersonal Insights
    You never give up and refuse to settle for less than the best. In other words, you’re impossible to please and you never shutup. You have difficulty concentrating or keeping on task, probably because you’re an idiot with a short attention-span.
  • Job Performance & Attitude
    You frequently mention terms like “core competencies” and “paradigm shifts” while at work. Stop acting like such a tool. You have a deep love for your patients, which is unfortunate since you’re a veterinarian.
  • Personality Insight
    Your personal motto is “It’s better to ask forgiveness than permission.” And you would certainly know.
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