Start Ups and Ingenious Lyrics at the final #27dinner for 2010

The final #27dinner for 2010 was a combination of fabulous food and pink drinks, startups and singing comedy, 130 geeks and a great venue – the Metro Restaurant in Benmore. SEACOM were incredibly generous in sponsoring a delicious main course and dessert, offering as well as cosmopolitan welcome cocktails, bottles of wine and a bar tab for the event.

The Speaker

Stafford Massie, ex CEO of Google, was the main speaker on the bill. His talk was both inspiring and industry related. He introduced two of the startups he is involved in, namely waytag, a geo location DNS system, and a transaction engine, which is yet to be named.

Waytag is like other geo location applications but which gives the user greater control and can be pinpointed to an exact location that doesn’t even need to be mapped. It is being integrated with Garmin and TomTom and will be available at a later stage in both free and paid for variations. There are 38 million points of interests to be added and applications will be made available to work across all mobile platforms. Rich third party API’s will be also be released.

The second startup, which is yet to be named, is a transaction engine. This aims to integrate payment across all banks, platforms etc, and make it one click transaction. Still in the prototype phase, it is also planned to be integrated into the waytag system.

The business model around both these start-ups is aimed at aggregation and usage.

He also mentioned that he is part of team bringing the founders of the top 10 VC’s to the country next year to discuss new big ideas and start-ups. Details available for this event will be made public in January 2010.

The Comedian

Entertainment was provided by Daniel Friedman, AKA Deep Fried Man, whose day job is with Cerebra. His approach to the delivery of his comedy genius was through playing a guitar and singing to various well known melodies. His lyrics were clever and funny and relative to the crowd with “my blog is better than your blog” and “tweet it”.

The Send Off

Mike Stopforth of Cerebra closed off by saying thank you to Stafford Massie, DeepFriedMan, SEACOM for the sponsorship and Metro Restaurant for the venue as well as the crowd for attending, and for a great year. A few PigSpotter T-shirts were also given out, 3 were also given to some brave soul who sang a line of “Eye of the Tiger”.

A free STUFF magazine was also on offer on the way out 🙂

PS. I had the privilege of sitting with an awesome bunch of people so of which I had never met in person before namely: @cynicalgrinch, @JackieJVR, @MeeAParkins, @PaulBedford, @markusher and @tinskaysys. You guys were great! Thanks for the awesome evening. It is always nice to meet people that you interact with regularly online, in person.

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