Stable Accident

My accident happened nearly a month ago.. I cannot believe its been so long.. It feels like just the other day.. and yet so much has happened since!

It’s a Wednesday – 18 August 2010! I always used to have my riding lessons at ShumbaShaba on Wednesdays…
I got there early.. and I had planned on leading Amber around with another horse..

After speaking to Ren, the plan changed though.. She asked me to ride Missy in the lesson at 16h30 and then she would help me with Amber afterwards.. All good..

I tacked up Missy and put Amber’s bridle on.. They are neigh-bours.. lol.. My horsy friend Erina arrives and we get on our respective mounts at the mounting block.. She asks me if I wanna join her for an outride instead of having the lesson..
So plans change.. again.. Not that I mind.. I like outrides and Missy is really nice to ride out 🙂

We on the way out and it is decided that Bee will join us on Flight (the wildest horse at the stable). Neither I nor Erina are too happy but we all set off together..

It went well.. until Flight started playing up and Bee decided to head back to the stables.. Erina and I continued on our own 🙂 Missy was great.. We cantered quite a lot and she was fun to ride..

Back at the stables I meet up with Ren and Sharon – just leaving on an outride.. Ren says I should rather lunge Amber and she will spend some time with me over the weekend.. Agreed..

I take Amber out, leaving Missy in a paddock.. Decide to put them back together.. First Mistake..

Amber lunges herself so well.. I hardly have to do anything.. All I can think about is how I really love this horse.. And I can’t wait to ger on her back..

I take off her bridle to let her roll.. Second Mistake..

She doesn’t roll.. so my efforts are wasted.. When I try to put the bridle back on her stands on my right foot.. the first time.. hard.. it hurts..

I pretend its not.. The grooms are watching.. I walk her back to her stable.. I ask Luigi (one of the grooms) to help me put the horses back in (IE Missy and Amber).

I walk Amber in.. without taking down the chains between the stables (that incidently I put up to stop the ponies eating all of Amber’s teff).. Third Mistake..

Amber doesn’t see the chain.. I see red lights flashing!! And there is nothing I can do about it..
She walks straight into then chain.. Gets a fright.. Rears…..

Next thing I am aware of.. I am lying on the floor in the stable.. and Amber is outside with the bridle wrapped around her legs.. I try move.. It hurts.. What hurts.. Everything.. I try stand up.. Takes a while.. Luigi asks me if I am ok.. I nod.. That hurts.. I say something about this was the reason I asked him for help..

Somehow we get both horses in their stables.. The next thing I know they both blanketed.. I walked around a bit.. Can’t remember why.. It hurts.. Make my way to the car.. Foot feels like its gonna to break open my boot..

Start the car.. Phone Mark.. Try not to cry.. Start driving.. Cant.. Cry..I tell him what happened.. Mark panics.. Tells me he will come fetch me.. I am stubborn.. Drive home with one foot.. Stupid me..

I get home.. Mark gets home.. Carries me up the stairs.. Takes off my right boot.. Hurts like hell.. Very swollen, very blue, already, very sore..

After some pain killers and a phone call to two of Mark’s friends who are advanced paramedics and we decide to go to Sunninghill Hospital..

Checked in.. I am light sensitive.. Mild concussion.. Go for a CAT scan and Xrays and finally get to a ward and go to sleep.. I end up staying there for two days.. And am booked off for the next week..

Moral of the story: Dont make mistakes.. lol.. Wear your helmet at all times.. Including in the stables.. And make sure the path is clear of all obsticles..

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