South Africa – reasons to be proud

South Africa, July 2010, is the place to be..  Right here right now.. South Africa, officially known as the Republic of South Africa (RSA) that country at the bottom of Africa, that everyone in Europe thinks is still undeveloped – with lions and elephants roaming the streets..  If you are not here, you are seriously missing out!

The vibe is electric, the vuvuzelas are deafening.. but its more than just the 2010 Soccer World Cup that is making and has made South Africa great..

Ok so yes FIFA have helped create awareness of our country (as well as make themselves rich in the process) .. Other companies have also taken advantage of this and used the momentum to build on their brand..

Apple have exploded into the market in a big way, Google maps street view has just been launched.. and the Gautrain and Bus system is now up and running 🙂

For a third world country I would say that we have not done too badly.. This opportunity has created great opportunities for growth in terms of tourism and advertising for our country.. A lot of visitors were impressed with our level of service and the natural beauty of our country and will definitely come back again.. I also think it has helped to bring us together as a divided nation in more ways than we could have imagined..

A a soccer team Bafana Bafana  played with dignity and great determination in the Final Group A match against France in which we defeated them 2-1..  I still maintain that we should all be wearing our Bafana Bafana shirts right til the Final and even after that to show our support and solidarity.

We definitely have a lot to learn and a lot to take away from the tournament (that is not over yet) but overall I reckon it has been  a huge success so far and we have done ourselves and the whole of Africa proud…

Well done South Africa!! I am proud to be South African!

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