Some inspiration

Some inspiration…………. 🙂

If you can see your life’s work destroyed
And without saying a word start rebuilding,
If you can lose all your winnings
Without even a sigh;
If you can love without becoming love’s fool,
If you can be strong and still be tender,
If you can feel hate without hating in return,
But fight and defend yourself;
If you can listen to lies spoken by villains to excite the foolish,
And lies spoken about you without lying yourself;
If you can become popular yet retain your dignity,
If you can be one of the people while counseling kings,
And if you can love your fellow man like a brother
Without making anyone special;
If you can meditate, observe and understand
Without being skeptical or destructive; If you can dream but not make dreams your master;
Think without just being a thinker;
If you can be hard without becoming enraged,
Brave without being imprudent,
If you can be good and wise
Without being a moralist or a pedant;
If you can experience triumph after defeat
And accept these two false prophets with the same regard,
If you can be courageous and keep your head
When others lose it;
Then Kings, God, Luck and Victory
Will always be your faithful servants.
You will be a man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling

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