So who cares about adding character when one can have an accident instead

Baz Luhrmann once sang a song with lyrics that went a little like this:

“Don’t worry about the future
Or know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing bubble gum
The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind
The kind that blindsides you at 4 p.m. on some idle Tuesday”.

Cleopatra and I were in a car accident on some idle Tuesday morning on the way to work about two kilometers from my house.

It was not her fault. It just happened. The other driver in the Hyundai i20 hit the back of my car as she raced through the red robot. She did not try slow down or avoid me at all. No defensive driving skills. I tried to move out the way. I was not quick enough. The back wheel was pushed up into the boot. The fuel cap broken off. The bumper ripped off.

It could have been worse though so for that I need to be grateful.

My Tuesday was then spent doing the following:

  • at the scene of accident swopping details, taking pics, waiting for my tow truck friend to come tow me..
  • making tons of phone calls and receiving a whole lot too. Thanks to everyone who assisted.
  • waiting at the house for the rollback (flatbed) to come fetch Cleo
  • at the post office renewing my licence disk for the car
  • at the police station in Boksburg North completing (and correcting) the accident report form
  • at Wimpy having lunch; trying unsuccessfully to through to Discovery Insure Claims department; after spending ages getting through the menu, they kept putting the phone down on me – #frustrating
  • later on again on the phone to the claims department; submitting a claim and organising a rental car
  • collecting the rental car from the Avis branch in Isando (it was either there or Brakpan)
  • working on an EOH client’s online forms even though I had a headache from hell

Thank goodness for my sister. It was her day off from work. She was was Woolies Sales at The Glen when I phoned her. She came though and spent the day with me – driving me around; giving me neck massages for my whiplash. She was amazing and I am truely grateful to her for all her help! I am lucky to have her for a sister!! <3

We decided not to tell the parentals. They were still overseas at the time and I did not want to worry them unnecessarily.

I have had headaches, becoming migraines almost every day since the accident. Not a good sign I know. Have not been able to go to the doctor or anything. Been working overtime at work and having to plan and run the bachalorettes on Saturday has taken up most of my time and on Sunday I basically spent the whole day in bed as I felt so shit. Debilitating headaches are not fun.

I am now driving around in the rental car – a blue Hyundai i10 – courtesy of Avis and my relatively expensive insurance premiums with Discovery Insure – while my car is at the panelbeaters. Not sure when I will be getting her back – not even sure what is happening with that as yet.


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