So much is happening #busy

So here I was thinking that once I started at EOH I would have more time to myself, to do things for myself, by myself as seems to be the case; but essentially that I would have more time. Period.

It seems that so far this has not been the case. Not that it is a bad thing though.

I have just been so busy. The first two weeks were not the best in terms of time or time management. I spent a lot of time in my car, in the rain, in the traffic, trying out different routes to get to work the back ways.

But since the rain has cleared, traffic is still bad but not as bad, said while attempting to navigate the potholes everywhere as well as closed roads; perhaps just a bit slow.

Over the past month I have:

  • Stayed over at my sister’s while her husband was hiking
  • Spent a day with an old colleague in Alberton
  • Been horse riding and practicing for the show
  • Participated in a training showjumping show
  • Been shopping – yes me having time to shop
  • Tried and failed to sort out my broken phone (thanks for nothing Vodacom)
  • Got my car’s windows tinted
  • Worked on some freelance
  • Sorted out all my policies with EOH HR
  • Cleaned and polished tack
  • Sold some tack 😛
  • Read a book
  • Bought KFC for lunch – a few times lol

So yeah, I have been working hard, but also been busy, so I guess I am allowed to be tired; as well as have an excuse for not blogging


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