So much for that idea…

I thought that maybe he had changed his mind and realised he made a mistake and that he wanted me back. That could not be further from the truth.

I should have known all he wanted was a booty call.. Not that he got it.. But I should have known better.

He phoned me one thursday night about two weeks ago to tell me he was outside my house.. It was late.. So I went outside with the dog.. In my PJ’s – it has just rained..

He was so happy to see me, couldn’t wait to hug and kiss me.. And it was perfect..

We spoke about the break up, we sorted everything out (or so I thought), and afterwards he sent me the most amazing voice note on Whatsapp.

But the next day it was like nothing had happened and he made some excuse about food poisoning the whole weekend so as not to answer my calls or reply to my messages.

And then today on Facebook, I see pics of him with another girl that he said he was no longer with and he has liked every single lovey-dovey post she has made.

Jared is a liar and a player and that is the truth…

I deserve so much better…

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