So according to the biokineticist I am the F word…

I decided, a while ago actually, that I needed to improve my vitality points and status with Discovery. So I made an appointment to do my Vitality Fitness Assessment with a biokineticist at EOH Wellness Centre in Bedfordview. I actually made two appointments. One for me and one for my sister. Thursday was the day.

I arranged to come in early to work so I could leave at 15h00 to be there at 16h00. My sister met me there. I didn’t sleep well the night before – what’s new – and I had not really slept well for about five days before this either. Guess that didn’t help.

Anyway I got there on time (fancy that) and started my assessment. My sister joined us a few minutes in to watch me and I in turn got to watch her.

We did blood pressure measurements, weight and height. We actually are the same height but different weights obviously (I weigh a lot more than she does). We did waist measurements, skin measurements (and yes I have a tyre), balance testing, lunging, flexibility. Then we did three minutes of steps and one minute of heart rate measurement. Mine was high. I was exhausted. Then we did push ups. I managed to do 61 in 60 seconds. I thought that was pretty good actually.

Rowena was next. Much less body fat than me, lower heart rate (means she is fitter) but less push ups than me (lower upper body strength).

We celebrated the fact that we survived by having a mocha, cappuccino and chocolate brownies at McDonalds afterwards – which probably defeated the purpose of the whole exercise. Oh well. We had to sit out traffic in any case; great excuse that. Plus I like spending time with my sister 🙂

The results:

Not that bad I guess but yes I know I am very unfit. 1/5 for the step test means my cardiovascular level is poor:

Your current cardio-respiratory fitness is less than that of other people of the same age and gender. There are many health benefits to being physically fit like improved heart and lung function, weight loss or better weight maintenance, stronger bones, lower levels of stress, improved sleep patterns, as well as a reduced risk of developing chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes, hypertension, atherosclerosis and cancer. Start today with steps to improve your physical fitness – it will have a positive impact on your quality of life!


My body fat percentage is 25.4 which is high:

Percentage body fat refers to that portion of body mass that is fat mass. Your body fat % is greater than it should be for a person of your age and gender. Excess body fat is associated with high cholesterol, high blood pressure and certain chronic diseases, all of which can be reduced by eating a healthy diet and doing regular exercise.


My BMI was 21.5 which is in the healthy range (only just), my blood pressure was good and my waist circumference is within the recommended healthy range.

The overall fitness level result was good. But all I see is that I am overweight (fat) and unfit. And I probably knew that all along. I now actually have to do something about it though. Sigh… At least I got a couple of thousand points and moved up to Bronze status so it can’t be all that bad right?

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