Shopping at the horse shop

So I didn’t get to ride this weekend……..

*Sad face*

A – it was way too cold

B – I had so much other stuff to do so it just worked out better that I didn’t go riding.

No one else that I ride with rode either.

But I did go shopping!!! YAY so that makes up for it. Especially when it is a horse shop!!

After playing taxi for my parents on Sunday and taking them to buy a whole lot of stuff, I decided to also do some shopping of my own.

I was only planning on buying leather oil for my saddle but walked out with a whole lot more. But that is always the case at horse shops it seems..


Anyway besides the leather oil, I also walked out with leather cleaner, a huge ass sponge, hoof oil and this awesome brush and container unit for it that my dad found, plus a lunge lead and a swivel lunge whip so I can start lunging the mare properly…

More equipment to add to my tack room back home – as my dad put it.. LOL

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