Scuba Diving with Mark at Bass Lake

Yesterday Mark (@markusher) and I (@designbyscaffy) went Scuba Diving at Bass Lake – a diving venue close to Henly-on-Klip. @zk was also there doing her qualifying dives with a NAUI dive school.

We had a whole lot of demo gear to try out, although I did have my own fins, mask, booties and for the first time my own ScubaPro wetsuit!!

Mark has been working at Prest-ige Dive School for the past two months as a sales consultant, and thus having already built a relationship with the suppliers, namely ScubaPro and AquaLung, was able to secure demo BC’s and regulators from both.

Unfortunately the Medium AquaLung Pearl BC was too big for me and I ended up diving with a SM ScubaPro LadyHawk for both dives. Not that I was complaining. It’s a nice BC.. The only thing I didn’t like about it was the fact that is makes use of Back Inflation and it makes swimming and floating in the surface slightly challenging. In the water, however, as comfortable as ever, and very little drag 🙂

The regulator set I used was the Micron from AquaLung – for both dives. Very light, small, comfortable – no jaw fatigue – plus it was pink and white 🙂

Mark and I did two dives, together, on our own. The first one we dived to the Office, Helicopter and sub portal. The visability was terrible and I freaked out on two occasions – which has never happened on any of my dives before. I think it was the pre-dive briefing we had, where Mark told me what I would need to do if something happened to him in the water. I would have to get him to the surface and screen for help; call DAN; call his dad; get him on oxygen straight away; give emergency personnel his dive computer etc etc.

It was a lot to remember and then thinking about that made me suddenly acutely aware of something going wrong. So much so that I started hyperventilating under water and signaled to Mark I wanted to go up – LIKE NOW! Once we got to the surface, I calmed down, enough to try again – only for the same thing to happen; this time though I was worried about breathing in through my nose and getting water in my lungs. I was at the point where I couldn’t take it anymore and signaled to Mark that I needed to get out of there. He managed to calm me down enough to complete the dive.

The second time around was much, much better! After getting an air-fill, a powerade and a chocolate chip muffin, we got back in for our second dive. We swam along the ledge – having started off on the grid – and visability was good, I could see the wall and I could see Mark, and I just finned about and actually enjoyed the diving; my breathing was better and my buoyancy was spot on 🙂

Now that Mark is back in the industry we plan to do a lot more diving; and the more I do it the more comfortable I will become in the water!

Over and out!

PS. Mark dived with the AquaLung Balance BC and Legend Regulator on Dive 1 and the ScubaPro NightHawk BC and  MK25 A700 regulator second dive.. Guess which set he preferred? 🙂

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