Running – up and at it again

So I have a confession – I have not been running in what seems like forever. And it sucks. Since the “Quirk plus one” running club disbanded due to unforeseen circumstances I tried running a few times on my own. And I managed for a short while. But it was not the same. It was easy to procrastinate and make excuses about not running. So then I stopped. Just like that.

After getting myself running gear and all that. LOL

I spoke to my dad about running in the mornings before work. He didn’t really seem keen in the beginning but since its moving towards summer and it is getting lighter in the mornings, he seemed to warm up to the idea.

So twice this week so far, it’s been me and Benson and my dad on the bike and we have been running around the neighbourhood. Ben drags me down the hill and I drag him the last couple of hundred metres. But we will get there in terms of fitness. I hope lol. I just need to try keep this up.

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