Running – so much for that idea

So two weeks ago was the last time I went for a proper run and I am not sure when I will be running again.

My running team basically disintegrated in one week. One guy got retrenched, one resigned and one went to another company on contract for a year. So now it’s just me and it’s harder to motivate myself to run plus I am not too keen running on my own even though Kyber Rock is pretty safe. It’s the part between Kyber Rock and Country Club Estate that I am not so keen on especially on the way back as but that time and my slow pace it’s dark.

Excuses, excuses I know. But there you have it. At least I can admit to that.

I was keen enough on this whole running thing to have even bought new running gear. I know how to find the motivation to run some other time or place – maybe in the early mornings in Benoni before coming to work. Think that might be a better option for me. Or just run on the weekends with Benson.

We will see how it goes. There is always the option of just doing yoga instead. Or nothing – but that would make me sad.

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