Rode Amber – yay – but she bucked me off – sigh

I have not ridden Amber for two weeks after our last disastrous ride and at the time I was starting to lose hope in her getting better.

But it has been two weeks and I was in a good mood so I decided to ride Amber this weekend.

And since Oros has been sold I don’t have another horse to ride anyway – happy that he found a home though. He wasn’t the nicest horse I have ever ridden to be totally honest.

That’s a story for another day…

Anyway she was still in her stable when I got to the stables on Saturday morning, so I put a halter on her and took her to get tacked up. She was alert and excited and that gave me hope – maybe she was feeling better too


Tacked her up in the wash bay as the other crushes were occupied and took her into the dressage arena to try her out – see what she was like. She walked like superstar – quick and in complete control – so I gave her a trot and she seemed fine – no lameness!! Yay.

She didn’t really want to work though so I decided (in a flash moment of what I thought was brilliance) to ask Bernie if I could ride with the group of kids that were having a jumping lesson in the big arena. I thought it would be a good idea to ride her with other horses so she can get used to it.

We did the walking and trotting with the group and it went well!!!! She was going nicely – even Bernie said so – Yay…

Then we tried to canter. She bucked on the right leg but I sat them (just and with a brave face) and I managed to get her to go forward. Then we changed reins and she tensed up completely and the more I pushed her forward the more she fought with me and eventually she just slowed right down and gave me the biggest buck she could and I landed hard on the ground.

Bernie ran to me, someone else ran to Amber and unhooked the reins from her legs. I don’t normally let go but this time I did.. It was a hard landing.. I tried to get up straight away but couldn’t and didn’t want to look any more useless in front of the kids and their parents *sigh* so I forced myself to get up and get back on..

I just walked her around while the kids were jumping. I was sore already…

After they jumped we walked around a bit to cool off..  I untacked her outside of the crush and decided to pop on her back by the dressage arena and ride her back to the paddock bareback. That was nice at least! Will try do that more often..


Now to see if this good form continues.. As for me.. I have some bruises, had a huge headache and think I might have bruised my ribs..

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