Riding Amber in a proper bit…

So firstly I got to ride twice this weekend for the first time in a very long time – since being on a UX course for work and my QPA – that in itself was amazing! 🙂

We went on a quick ride around the block… I was late so had to rush to tack up and already burst into tears as soon as I saw

On the way I told Mark about my kak meeting at work on Friday and got some advice and I actually felt much better after telling him but didn’t really enjoy the ride as I wasn’t in the right frame of mind.

I did, however, decide that for the next ride on Sunday, I would try Amber in a bit.. A proper one.. Not the rubber training one that I have been using for the past year and half 😛

So on Sunday I found a small snaffle in the tack room and fitted it to her bridle. She took it pretty well when I tacked her up but I was a bit apprehensive as so how she would take it for the whole ride.

I had to get Mark to get two stones out her front hoof before we left. I hadn’t checked her hooves at all the day before so felt a bit bad cos she may have had them for a while.

Anyhow off we went into the fields.. Amber with a bit in her mouth. And even thought she felt a bit lame in her trot she evened out and was really well behaved. We rode past Jared’s stables and I was hoping he would be there and that I would see him – but that was not to be – sigh.

On the way back I cantered her in the open field and it was awesome – I slowed her down and she was on the bit and it felt amazing!!

Needless to say its time for me to get her a proper bit!! 🙂

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