Review: Venus Envy

At twenty-seven, Alex Wilde feels like her life is going nowhere. She’s stuck in a dead-end job and her relationship history is a tale of woe. What’s more, she’s put on a few pounds lately…Sharing a house with three gorgeous girls doesn’t help. Her sister Gail got more than her fair share of the good genes, Keisha is an ice-cool man-magnet and Bronwen is so hip it hurts. With competition like this, is it any wonder Alex feels so inadequate? Alex has two choices: she can retreat to the safety of her duvet and stuff herself with chocolate or she can smarten up her act and face the world head on. Never one to choose the easy option, Alex realises she needs to up her game if she wants to stay in it…

Venus Envy by Louse Bagshawe

My thoughts

I love thrillers and murder mysteries right. I mean that is pretty obvious if you look at the history of my reviews. But I like to mix it up a little with some comedy and chick literature every now and then. Case in point. This book. Venus Envy. I loved this book;I love reading in general and I wish I could read more often than I do but yes I loved this book. Reading this book made me feel a bit better about life; made some my embarrassments and failures seem microscopic in comparison. Or at least I was able to emphasise. I struggle with a lot of things; feeling sorry for myself is one of them; just like it is with the main character Alex Wilde.

I do not cope well when people are mean to me; as I take everything very personally; Alex Wilde coped better than I would ever would have. Even her own family were demeaning; her sister and her mom were cruel, degrading and selfish ultimately. Her sister is incredibly horrible to her; no love lost there – no wonder she has low self esteem. I have a much better relationship with my sister then Alex; but she was lucky to have the great friends she did – always defending her, standing up for her, supporting and helping her; as she did for them in return.

Anyway enough with the like for like comparison and on to the actual book. I mean it’s fiction right. Which means that even after all the things she goes through – career wise with initially her failure as a sculptor to being a late starter in the corporate world and her constant struggle with that; her affair with her married boss, the whole wedding fiasco, the whole gallery private viewing fiasco; her running away and trying to start new which also ends badly, she still ends up blissfully happy, with a fairy tale life – that happy ending that everyone searches for. It took a while but she became a famous sculptor getting commissioned for work, having her own flat and then finally right at the end, she does finally stops making excuses and allows herself to be happy.

So then where is my happy ending? Anyone?

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